Food retailers are shops where people can buy food from and take it out, which is very different from the conventional restaurant.

There are different kinds of online food retailers, but it is sometimes difficult to find one that deals basically on special diet needs of people. Discovering special diet foods in stores most times is always very stressful, and time consuming. But it is the job of the online food retailer to take the stress off you, and help you find them. Each of them offers a wide range of services, and they are ever available to respond to your dietary needs.

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Below are a few online food retailers that caters to diet needs:


In AmazonFresh, you can shop for several things, from fresh produce, to meat, organics, already made meals, and they also make provision for special diet needs. They are available in major cities just in case you plan on visiting, and they have different delivery options. The good part is, all things bought are delivered for free, no extra charges at all for shipping.


Walmart is known to be one of the most popular services that there is, and are known for their low prices in goods. They have different products, prepackaged food, condiments, and they also focus on catering for unique or specific dietary needs.

Thrive Market

In order to be able to shop in this store, you would have to be a registered member, and then you would have to pay a membership fee that would last you for about a year or so. Here, they have different kinds of starter kits for special diets. Some of which are; keto, whole30 and so on. You can also find sea foods, and any other type of prepackaged food you might need. If you are able to buy above a specific amount, then it attracts free shipping.


Here, they give you the liberty to be able to shop from different stores, and you can actually shop without signing up for a membership, unlike the Thrive Market. They have different products, and also have the ability to attend to your special diet needs. Also, if you are shopping for your diet needs online, then you would have to pay to get it to you. This means that in order to get your things to you, then you would need to pay a certain amount for delivery.

Yummy Bazaar

Here, they have a rather interesting motto which says “discover the world through food”. This service allows you to shop for your special diet needs, as well as other shelf goods. If you purchase goods worth over $59 then your shipping would be free. But free shipping also depends on what country you are in.

There are several online food retailers that can attend to your needs, but it is of utmost importance that you find one which is reliable, and also affordable.