What you know about StorieView?

Buy a twist for better promotion.

With such a frenzied popularity of social networks, now everyone has an account that has a certain popularity. But there is no limit to perfection, agree, to promote your services/goods/ideas better on the most famous site.

With a good budget, it is easy to borrow a million subscribers (we will still miss their quality). In the case when there is no money, but I really want popularity, enthusiasm and speed come to the rescue. When rolling out on your own, there is a chance to miss an important detail or trifle.

Short-lived stories on Instagram create a sense of urgency and the need to view it. Probably so briefly you can describe their popularity.

You do not need to convince for a long time of the importance of this platform for promoting the account. Examples of advertising in history will help you visually determine how a particular element will look.

Stories are constantly replenished with new elements and functions. There are quite a few of them and they are all designed to increase the response of viewers, let’s consider the most effective on the example of successful Instagram accounts.

How do I increase my involvement in history?

  1. The easiest way to increase engagement is to increase reach and interaction with your target audience. In simple words, if more people see your post and like or write a comment, the faster and more intense will be the advance in issuing the tag and hashtag. So you need to make sure that your content is properly oriented – this is the first step.
  2. Using geotags will give more new people who are not your subscribers, but are actively interested in your product or service.
  3. Most posts in personal accounts are devoted to their own thoughts and experiences. For that, she and the social network to tell everyone what you think.

Many are not shy about emotions and are happy to share their opinion. That is why so often you can find a sticker with a survey. For promotions through the story, this is a great way to start a conversation and interest a person.

  1. Daily history views do not mean that all your prospects and customers are. It is necessary to understand the needs of the target audience, which, by the way, are constantly changing. How do I detect these expectations? This moment is needed to change the strategy or promotion tools.

Everything is very simple – an anonymous survey. A large number of companies periodically arrange surveys. But they do it in reverse order, when using stickers they answer the most frequent questions.

  1. The most popular way is to twist views into a story. Masslooking cloud uses many popular accounts, this allows you to increase engagement, because real people are twisted. One of these sites is StorieView.

In favor of the success of using the site, the story is convincingly said by Business Instagram statistics, 50{63927fabea5d35cf35f4eb5d667edbbc721939a827afe3e3688ee6531d5a1f77} of brands on Instagram post at least one post every month, a third of the most popular stories published by companies, and 96{63927fabea5d35cf35f4eb5d667edbbc721939a827afe3e3688ee6531d5a1f77} of marketers plan to continue to use stories for promotion.