Fashion Trends That Men Can Be Expected To Wear In 2023

Fashion trends come and go each year and we saw some fantastic trends during 2022, including the return of 90s grunge. In 2023, it offers no different other than awesome trends that we cannot wait to get our hands on. In this article, we will take a look at the fashion trends we could be wearing this year.


This year, Pantone has given us magenta as the colour for the year and we can expect to see it in men’s wardrobes this year. If you are unsure what Magenta is, it is a dark purple colour, similar to maroon, with a pink tint.

We understand that wearing this colour isn’t easy, especially if you have a beige wardrobe. Furthermore, many guys won’t like the idea of wearing pink but it is a much darker colour than pink. If you don’t want to wear a magenta top or pants then wear a tie or a pocket square in this colour instead. 

Here Comes The Hotstepper

We hope you got the reference to Ini Kamoze’s 1994 hit. This year, we expect to see the 80s and 90s step their way into 2023. Chained wallets, braided belts and classic Charlotte Hornets jackets are styles we want to see in 2023. People think track jackets are a thing of the past but they could not be any more wrong. Even the ladies have decided to go back to wearing clothes from the 90s and wearing high-waisted jeans.

Suits are taking a turn with this fashion trend also. People are will now wearing turtlenecks underneath their blazers instead of the classic formal shirt. Some men are expected to bring back the leather jackets as they have a vintage look.

Is Athleisure Here To Stay?

The question that many are asking is whether or not athleisure is here to stay. It was the fashion trend during the pandemic and the work-from-home attire. Cheap mens hoodies and relaxed joggers or even a pair of cargo were the go-to attire.

When employees were asked to go back into the office, they continued to wear this style however, many companies are now asking for a more formal approach when working in the office.

Many fashion brands are adapting their athleisure style to full tracksuits and adding a unique smart casual twist. For example, brands are designing their men’s pants with a stretchier fabric so you have more freedom. Additionally, some of these can be seen with drawstrings on them so you can tighten the waistband instead of using a belt.

To Conclude

The fashion industry constantly changes due to the brands trying unique styles. Usually, what we see on the catwalks of Paris, Milan and London is what we expect to see on the street. Nonetheless, there are many other trends which we expect that have not made it on this list. If you want to get ahead of everybody else, we recommend some of the predicted trends here.