How do you know your jewels are real?

When you want to buy jewelry, you will want to make sure that the jewelry you are buying is real. This is more so when you are buying a piece of expensive jewelry or a piece of jewelry made from precious stones. This article will discuss the major ways you can get to know if your jewelry is real or not.

Buy from reliable companies

When you buy your jewelry from a reliable company, you will have little to worry about if their jewelry is real or not. Even if you need to check, you will only be checking to rule out that they didn’t make a mistake, not because you are scared, they deliberately sent you something different from what you ordered for. There are several steps you can follow to check if a company is reliable. You can go through their website to see their return policy, other terms, and conditions, their range of products, and how long they have been selling jewelry.

You should also check for American jewelry stores’ reviews on us-reviews.com to know if there have been complaints from other customers about being sent fake jewels. If from the reviews, you see several complaints about being sent fake, it is best to just completely avoid the company and buy from a more reliable store where there are no complaints of being sent fake products among the reviews. Then you will be almost sure that the jewel that will be delivered to you will be real.

Use the services of a jeweler

There are many jewelers and companies whose services include checking if a jewel is real or not. You can easily take the jewel immediately after taking delivery of it to the closest jewelerin your area. They will be able to help you check if the jewelry is real as well as the worth of the jewelry. From the information, you will not only get to know if you got a real piece of jewelry or not but you will also get to know if you overpaid for the jewelry. When it is a piece of fake jewelry and/or you overpaid for the jewelry, you can quickly return it to the company and ask for a refund or a replacement with a piece of jewelry worth the price you paid.

You might, however, not have a case if you were sent exactly what you ordered for, even if you paid much more than the value. This is considering purchasing the product at the price stated meant that you agreed to pay the price willingly. The only instance you will have a case is if you were sent something different from what you ordered. This is part of why buying from a reliable company is important as their prices will be fair in addition to the fact you will be getting a real piece of jewelry.

Learn how to identify real jewelry on your own

You also have the option of learning how to identify real jewelry on your own. You might have to pay a professional to teach you how to identify real jewelry. The tips and knowledge will range from things you can see physically that will help you know if a piece of jewelry is real or fake to the use of tools to identify real jewelry and fake jewelry. You will be able to use the tools to ascertain how many karats are pieces of gold or diamond jewelry and how much they are currently worth. When you know, you can always check for yourself, friends, loved ones, other acquaintances, and even commercially if a piece of jewelry is real or fake.