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Scientific Reasons Why People Passionate Dinosaurs So Much

Although it has been gone for centuries, the existence of dinosaurs does not seem to be completely extinct. Because dinosaur bodies are still immortalized in the form of accessories today. It is evident from the existence of dinosaur necklaces circulating in famous online shops such as

Well, people’s interest in dinosaurs turns out to have a scientific reason, you know. Here are some of them:

People Have A Strong Sense Of Attraction To Something

People’s fondness for these creatures is related to a natural psychological phenomenon, known as “very intense or intense interest”. According to the researchers, one-third of the people they studied had “very intense or strong interests”.

People Like Scary Things

Even though they look scary, dinosaurs are strangely perfect for their imaginations. Starting from sharp teeth, large claws, scaly bodies, and limbs that are stocky and strong. People are even more curious about these creatures because they no longer exist. This is also what makes people more enthusiastic about liking and finding out in detail information about these animals.

People Learn About The Earth, Life, And All About The World

If the expert said, “Dinosaurs put our place in the world into perspective.” Introducing people to dinosaurs indirectly, teaches them to think: why are these species now extinct? How previously did they adapt on Earth?

All this interest in dinosaurs helps people have an idea of ​​the times that went on in the world–that there was a time when a certain species lived and went extinct. In this way, People become more appreciative of the present, the time in which they live.

Want To Learn Something New

Talking about dinosaurs means there’s a lot of information to dig up. The opportunities to learn new things are endless, including dinosaur names, habits, habitats, and even food. Granted, by nature People love new things, so this gets them excited.

Almost All Of The Designs Are Inspired By Dinosaurs

Without realizing it, dinosaurs are the inspiration for the designs for the system made today.

Moving heavy loads over rough terrain, the difference between passive and efficient cooling systems is something dinosaurs did and knew. The existence of the recycling process in changing technology is also an inspiration that was adapted from dinosaurs.

Not only that, long before, humans were very fond of and fascinated by the existence of independent flight. This was included in something that was still substantially difficult to achieve at the time. However, dinosaurs have done more than 150 million years ago.

Every year scientists always get new knowledge about dinosaurs. Kenneth John Lacovara, a paleontologist, and geologist from America said that the treasures and information obtained from dinosaurs could not come quickly enough.

Paleontologists think that they care more about the future than the past. They will always make observations and experiments on it.

However, that does not mean the past is just left alone. But it must still be held and embraced because the development of the past is a guide that will be carried out for the future.

The interest and fascination with dinosaurs may only be a temporary pleasure, but some scientists think that it is a way of unlocking a secret to survival.