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Ray-Ban’s first-gen sensible glasses bring lots to the table, including an opportunity to star in a real-life dystopian sci-fi flick, controversially directed by Facebook. They have a camera for capturing first-person-perspective content in HD, a single-touch pad for controlling music and the digital camera, and near-ear speakers so you can depart your headphones or smartphone in pocket whereas answering a name. Now obtainable so that you just can channel The Matrix this Halloween, or as your every day outfit should you’re actually that into Neo and Trinity.—M.L. Axios has reported that Google has made significant steps by working with Samsung in an effort to design their very own customized chipsets for future Pixel smartphones and eventually, Chromebooks. For an ontologically—perhaps pathologically—future-facing trade, anything looks possible; it has to. And yet, amid the updated rhetoric, it might be simple to forget that venture-funded firms have always been attempting to ascertain the …