Guide To Buy Hunting Knives

You will also see them named as sports knives or as big game knives, even as fishing knives (or both). But linguistic disquisitions aside, hunting and fishing knives are an item that requires some advice prior to purchase, since the range of prices, types and brands is huge, and the objective must always be to find the right knife. Basically, we must submit to analysis the following “measurable” elements of the damascus steel hunting knife that we preselect when choosing:

  • Blade steel type and hardness. The type of steel used for the blade, its hardness and its treatment, will be key to both the performance of the knife and its durability. Obviously, there are also stainless steel hunting knives, but most use different types of steel in their blades. Taking into account the material of the blade, perhaps the most appreciated are the Damascus knives, a noble, legendary material, with a very special grain. We will talk about them below.
  • Length. It is a basic element that determines the use that you want to give the knife. Both the total length of the knife (blade plus handle) and the blade separately must be taken into account.
  • Handle. We are going to find many options in terms of materials (wood, bone, plastic, metal, etc.), size, design, reliefs, etc.
  • Weight. It is not always negative that a hunting knife has an extra weight, since apart from indicating that it is made of good steel, it transmits good feelings when using it and can give us a certain advantage in certain uses. But the balance between the size and weight of the knife is always the ideal that we must seek. The lightest knives are military knives, which are usually made of titanium. We will see some below.

On the other hand, depending on what has been said, we can find different types of hunting and fishing knives in the market, and of all of them we are going to show examples throughout our guide:

  • Finishing knives. The most versatile and employed; medium or large sizes, with a thick and powerful blade, and a sharp point that allows us to give the last rapier to badly wounded prey.
  • Skinning knives. They are precision knives with wide and short blades, designed to penetrate the organism of the animal.
  • Multi-purpose knives. There are endless types that could be put into this bag, of different sizes, leaf shapes, etc. Some hunting knives could even be considered as alternatives to hunting knives.

How to Clean a Hunting Knife

Clean with a damp cloth, dry and apply at least occasionally a cleaning and protective liquid for steel, it is necessary when it comes to maintaining our hunting knives.

It is essential to dry them well to prevent layers of rust from appearing, and in case it makes an appearance due to humidity or faulty drying, for example, the advice given in this video can also be useful:

How to Sharpen Hunting Knives

In principle, there should be no difference between the sharpening of a hunting knife and other knives made from the same blade materials.

However, many hunting knives tend to have a curved blade, which makes them difficult to sharpen. That, in addition to the characteristics of the steel of the blade, force us to take special care if we do not want to damage the blades of our hunting knives.

To learn how to sharpen mountain knives, we have selected this explanatory video, where sharpening in a curve is explained.

The Most Selling Hunting Knives 2021

If you have not yet found what you are looking for, you have two options: the first is to leave us a comment asking us directly the type of hunting and hunting knives you are looking for, with the precise characteristics that you need in any aspect of the knife, and we will soon try to give you answer.

Another is to take a look at the Knife for sale that are trending on the sales charts. The ones that follow, for example, are the best-selling hunting knives in recent days (the best sellers are almost always the cheapest), which can help you get an idea of ​​what is happening in the market, or even to discover an interesting model that we have missed highlighting in our guide.