4 Eye Catching Dress Recommendations for Women Going On A Night Out

Really…having your girls call through for a night out on a so-not-good-day is the bomb! When it comes to getting ready for nights out, there are absolutely no bounds to expressing yourself. You can be as chic as a runway model or as classy as the boss lady, either way, you run the day.

However, whether you’re headed to the night club or a birthday party or an RnB bar or any night out, here are 4 Eye-catching Dresses that would stand you out from the rest:

●   Cow-Neck Satin Mini Dress

Talk about looking chic, this is it! According to customer reviews and feedback seen on Rotita reviews satin dresses have become a closet’s new simple. This piece has a cow neck detailing with adjustable spaghetti straps which are just perfect to show off your arm, and a hemline that meets the thigh. This  material would sit seamlessly on your skin, offering you lasting comfort.  When rocked with a strapped heel, the piece would expose the beauty of your long legs and give you the feel of a runway model all night long.

●   Blazers With Jeans

If you want to look simple, yet stylish, then rock blazers with jeans combination. This is one of those outfits you can put together without thinking – especially on days when your dress-inspiration is playing tricks on you. There are numerous ways you can rock your blazers with your jeans and still retain the way you want people to see you. While many fashion stores reviews can lead you to the best online stores to buy well combined blazers and jeans from, you should know that you can wear a blazer with any type of Jean. This includes but not limited to skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans flare jeans, to mention but a few. Regardless of the one you are going with, you can never go wrong. Your blazer and Jean well toned with your block heels or sneakers would leave you glances through the night.

●   Mini Leather Skirts And Tops

Without a doubt, mini leather skirts are essential for every girl’s wardrobe. This is an excellent night out choice. Pick out a beautiful black leathered mini skirt and pair with a fitted crop top, long sleeve chiffon shirt, a classy Tee or a sweater. Complete this look to perfection by wearing high heeled thigh high boots, or any kind of boot, or pointed heels. This would ensure you look both cute and sexy for your night out.

●   High Waist Jean And Crop Top

This outfit screams bold and sexy. A high waist jean or a boyfriend jean which goes with a long sleeve or short sleeve crop top, combined with pointed heels or sneakers is a go-go. This outfit prevents you from looking too busy and gives you the elegance you ought to portray. The little exposure of the tummy gives everything a tincture of body-pride.

By choosing any of the combinations listed above, you are surely on your way to having a fun, exciting and stylish night out with your girls.