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Tips for Choosing Healthy School Bags for Children

Although currently the method of searching for learning resources mostly uses the internet, however, to learn in class, most schools still apply conventional methods, namely asking students to bring textbooks, notebooks, school workbooks, and homework books. Try to count, there are 4 types of books for one subject, and per day the child can get 3-7 types of subjects. That is, the child carries around 12-28 books every day, not to mention the provision of food, drinking bottles, laptops (if needed), writing place, and other items in his school bag.

Imagine not, how heavy is the child’s school bag every day?

Child choice school bag vs parent choice

Choosing the right school bag for parents and children is challenging. For children, school bags must follow the trend, be worn, and look cool. Indeed, maybe parents want their children to be free to express themselves. However, keep in mind, school bags are not just for style. Parents need to interfere in determining the school bag that will be used by children so that besides looking cool, the school bag is also comfortable and safe for your child’s health.

Keep in mind that injuries that can be suffered by children from school bags are not scoliosis. Your child is not threatened with scoliosis if you use a school bag that is too heavy. However, he can suffer sprains, tension, cracks in the back and shoulders, and bruises. Children are very vulnerable because of these injuries because they are still in its infancy. Therefore, parents really need to guide their children to choose the most appropriate school bag. Here are tips that you can apply to choose your child’s school bag.

Tips on choosing a school bag for children who are good for their growth

Choose the most appropriate model

Here are models of school bags that are ideal for children’s health:

• Make sure the bag has a soft sling. It is better for the child to use a backpack (backpack) compared to using a sling bag (which only has 1 sling). A hard sling can cause discomfort in the shoulder.

• Choose a carrying bag that has a softly padded back. This serves to increase comfort and prevent your child from getting sharp objects from your child’s bag, such as a pen, pencil, or ruler tip that is not inserted into the pencil holder, then stabs your child’s bag.

• Choose a bag that has many parts in it. Do not forget to direct the child so as not to stack all their belongings in one piece of bag. This helps the distribution of the burden carried by the child equally, not just one-sided.

• In addition, you can also choose bags that have straps to tie around the waist. This can help spread the burden throughout the body of the child.

• Even though children who are in junior high or high school rarely want to use this type of bag, wheeled bags are the right choice if the contents of the child’s school bag are very heavy

Choose the right bag size

To reduce the risk of injury, it is very important to choose the right bag size for a child, the maximum size of a child’s school bag is 75{63927fabea5d35cf35f4eb5d667edbbc721939a827afe3e3688ee6531d5a1f77} of the child’s back. Or in other words, the maximum size of a child’s school bag along the waist to the shoulder. Now, you can buy a bag only They provide a price of school bags (Harga tas Sekolah) at affordable prices.

1. The contents of a school bag must not be too heavy

Experts recommend that children’s school bags should not weigh more than 15{63927fabea5d35cf35f4eb5d667edbbc721939a827afe3e3688ee6531d5a1f77} of a child’s weight. The most ideal is actually 10{63927fabea5d35cf35f4eb5d667edbbc721939a827afe3e3688ee6531d5a1f77} of a child’s weight. So suppose your child weighs 30 kg, then the ideal weight of your child’s school bag is 3 kg, or a maximum of 4.5 kg. School bags that are too heavy for the child can be seen immediately if the child has to bend down to carry their school bag. If he really has to carry the entire book, encourage the child to carry 1-2 of the thickest books in their hands.

2. School bags must be worn according to the rules

If the child wakes up late and will be late for school, he usually rushes with one hand, picks up his school bag and wears just one sling on his shoulder. This is not good to do. Remind your child to bend his knees slightly, then let his feet bear the burden when the child lifts the bag from the table. Lift the bag with both hands to check how heavy the school bag is, then immediately slung it on the shoulder at the same time. These steps can reduce the risk of injury.

It is very important to sling both slings rather than just one. If only slung on one shoulder, it can cause the burden to only be borne by one part of the body, and can cause muscle pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. Also make sure this sling is not too tight but also not too loose.

Place the heaviest book closest to the child’s back. Therefore, the heaviest object requires the most dependents from the body.

If worn according to the rules, your child’s school bag can be covered properly by your child’s body without risking injuring your child.