The Right Brands for Men to Create Your Own Casual Yet Elegant Outfits in 2020

The idea that fashion can’t be casual, yet elegant, was brought about by the previous century’s formal dress sense which saw men dress in suits, and hats mainly. At the same time, women went about their daily activities in gowns. In recent times, all of these have changed as men’s fashion has evolved, and the desire for casual, yet elegant wears has been on the rise. In fact, we now have brands that have dedicated their time, and effort towards manufacturing causal wears for men.

In this article, we would be looking at the right brands which men can patronize to create unique and elegant casual outfits. These brands have been well researched, and backed by customer feedbacks from reputable men fashion review sites such as Mainline Menswear customers’ opinions. Now, our focus won’t be on just the top line men fashion brands, as we would also be looking at quality retail fashion that would be affordable.

Top Casual Menswear Brand to Create Your Elegant Style

  • Tommy Hilfiger

The average man knows that he needs to infuse Tommy Hilfiger in the mix to complete an ample wardrobe. For years, this brand has held its own when it comes to the production of great products that cater to the fashion needs of men of all colours and sizes. Their knack for creating subtle also elegant wears makes them a standout amongst the others.

  • Nike

It is not news that everyone who has every man who has ever considered shopping casual has thought of the Nike brand.  As a leading name in the men’s casual wear industry, Nike has cemented its place in every male’s mind or, dare to say female, when it comes to casual attires. Their casual outfits’ repertoire, which ranges from shorts, joggers, slides and even shirts, makes them a comfortable option for men at all times.

  • Ralph Lauren

When you desire a brand that produces premium, yet simple causal male attires that could stand you out from the crowd, then Ralph Lauren should be one of the first options you should consider. This is a brand that has cemented a style in time with its excellent designs and quality wear. As a perfect choice for elegant yet casual wear, Ralph Lauren covers every single casual need you could desire, be it for social outing, golfing, boat ride, or any other occasion for that matter.

  • Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a leading name in the design and manufacturing of casual yet elegant wears for men and their wide range of designs are there for all to see. Over the years, the brand has delved into the different areas of menswear, and has conveniently created a niche for itself by designing some of the best men’s casual wears in the last 20 years. There is no denying that, this is a brand to be reckoned with in the menswear fashion brand.

These are some of the best brands that a man can use to create his own casual, yet elegant style in 2020. However, these are not all, as there are a lot of other brands which offers similar men’s wear that would just fit into creating a causal and elegant wardrobe perfectly.