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Two Mazda Cars Lead the Way in Small Car Side-Impact Safety

European Association of Automotive Suppliers

Currently, the company assembles and distributes Volkswagens passenger cars in Indonesia. The Toyota Kijang is regarded as one of the most influential vehicles in Indonesian Automotive industry. As of April 2001, BMW has their own wholesale company in Indonesia, PT BMW Indonesia, although Astra continues to assemble BMW automobiles through PT Gaya Motor. Assembly is currently of a limited variety of semi-knocked down cars, while the remainder of the range is available CBU. According to GAIKINDO, 82 percent of the national automobile sales in 2018 is contributed by the Java island.

  • We’re best positioned to achieve this, as we’re an established firm that excels in automotive software strategy, advice, design and delivery.
  • This position paper focuses on the supply chain due diligence component of the EU sustainable corporate governance framework.
  • Employs over 25,800 people globally and is active in more than 100 markets.
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