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Indianapolis Business Journal

TikTok Was Designed for WarAs Russia’s invasion of Ukraine plays out online, the platform’s design and algorithm prove ideal for the messiness of war—but a nightmare for the truth. The Great Tech Hub Exodus Didn’t Quite HappenTwo years into the pandemic, US tech jobs remain concentrated in a handful of coastal hubs. This App Can Diagnose Rare Diseases From a Child’s FaceDoctors typically battle to establish rare conditions they could only see once in a lifetime. Russian firms and government agencies rely heavily on semiconductors from Western firms that might be cut off following the Ukraine invasion. Companies are offering interest-free advances to folks with poor credit score in exchange for detailed personal knowledge. Community Organizing and Family Issues, the Chicago-based organizing middle that elevates the voices of fogeys living in challenged communities of colour throughout Illinois, announced the biggest single donation in the organization’s history today.

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