Rights, Obligations & Powers of Parents Against Children

In marriage, it is intended to build a family, in a family consisting of husband, wife, and child (if the marriage has children), and in the home, each party has the rights, duties, rights, and obligations of parents towards children as well as the rights and obligations of children towards parents.

Based on Act No. 1 of 1974 regarding marriage, the provisions concerning the rights and obligations of parents towards children, as well as the rights and obligations of children towards parents, the provisions of these provisions are as follows:

Parental duties

Based on section 45 (1), which states: “Both parents shall take care of their children and educate them in the best possible way.”

The period of validity of the obligation outlined in section 45, paragraph (1) above, based on section 45, paragraph (2), provides as follows:

The obligations of the parents mentioned in paragraph (1) of this article are valid until the child marries or can stand alone, and these obligations apply at all times despite the dissolution of the marriage between the parents.

This means that according to the parents, the parents are obligated in section (1) at the same time:

  • Until the child gets married.
  • Stand alone (Independent)
  • In the case of a divorce from one of the parents, the divorce does not cause the child to commit to separation.

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Duties of the child

According to section 46, paragraph (1) of Act No. 1 of 1974, the obligations of the children towards the parents are as follows:

“Children are obligated to respect their parents and to obey their goodwill.”

Section 46 paragraph (2) contains provisions related to section 45 paragraph (1) that provides: “If a child is an adult, he is obliged, according to his ability, to keep his parents and family in a straight line, if they need help.”

This means that a child who is considered an adult is obligated to maintain his duties according to his ability towards his parents and family. If you want to establish paternity in Oklahoma status, you can also visit: tulsafathersrights

Parental authority over children

The reference to parental authority is the power to perform parental duties towards children as stated in section 45 paragraph (1).

Based on section 47, paragraph (1), it provides:

“Children under the age of 18 (eighteen) years of age or never married are subject to parental control as long as their authority is not revoking.”

This means that the parental authority to implement the obligations contained in section 45 (1) during the child’s time:

  1. Children under 18 (eighteen) years of age, or;
  2. He never married

The authority of the parents to implement their obligations towards the child as stated in section 45, paragraph (1) above, and based on section 45, paragraph (2), the parents have obligations:

“The parent represents the child about all legal acts in and out of court.”

That is: it is possible to introduce a law for parents against what a child who is still in power does because the child is not 18 years old or has never been married.