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Physical Requirements to Become a Model

Seeing the waddle models, some people will find their job easy. These models are often considered only with appearance. Although it is undeniable that appearance is important.

Following are the Physical Requirements to Become an Indonesian Fashion Model:

Body posture

A fashion model is required to have a certain height with proportional weight. The standard height for catwalk/runway models is 175 cm for men and 185 cm for men. For fashion models that are not for the catwalk, the standard is women 170 cm, and men 180 cm. If you have a problem with your underweight, proven pills reviews have the right solution to solve this problem

These height standards for each agency may differ, depending on policies and trends in client requests. The ideal body proportion is that the length of the legs should exceed the body length. The stomach should be flat (not distended or folded) and the hipbone structure not wide or exceeding the width of the 16 shoulders. In addition, the buttocks, hips and chest are full, but not too big. Slender, straight legs are not o or x-shaped.

With a body model like this, the appearance of the clothes will look beautiful and stick perfectly.

Face Structure

The requirements for facial expression are not absolute, because the measure of beauty is relative. But in the world of modeling, there are certain trends when it comes to beauty. In the 90s, style models dominated, then during the boom of Taiwanese and Korean films, oriental models were sought after. For example, Dominique and Maria Agnes. Likewise, there are times when a typical face becomes the center of attention and dark-skinned models are considered exotic. For example, Naila Alatas and Kimmi Jayanti. Then there are times when models with Russian and Uzbek faces dominate, like Senk Lotta.


Clean and healthy skin is an asset for a model. It doesn’t have to be white, which is important. Daily facial care is very important because it affects the health and freshness of facial skin. Moreover, your face often

make-up. Do peeling and facial masks once a week, to keep it smooth and acne free.

Apart from the face, body skin must also be treated. For example, regularly doing scrubs, spas, or massages so that the body’s skin becomes smooth and blood circulation is smooth. So that not only can you get beautiful skin, your health will be better maintained