How to Stand Out in the Crowd

Where the objective on almost every woman’s mind is to look and feel confident when they enter a room, it seems that there are more options now to help us feel confident, bold and beautiful.

The Red Dress Effect

There are many inspirations from famous films such as Julia Roberts iconic scene in Garry Marshall’s film ‘Pretty Woman’ wearing the dazzling red dress. Delving further into the colour red symbolizes passion and desire and can represent good fortune. Furthermore, there have been multiple studies conducted on the red dress effect, where men tend to find women in the colour red more attractive. This undoubtedly would explain why the perfect red dress wouldn’t turn heads when you enter the room.

Corset Dresses

Corsets and Corset Dresses have been popular since the Victorian era where they were designed to help shape women’s bodies in a more ‘ideal’ form. Though times have changed, women have not changed their mind about corsets however, the reason why has. With the age of feminism women are taking charge and choosing to wear things based on how it makes them feel. Corset dresses make a statement, they represent women taking back ownership of their appearance and showcases the beauty they exhibit.

90s Baby

Low Rise jeans, shorts and skirts have made a swift return, probably the most unexpected trend to return but they are back in full glory and it looks like it’s here to stay. Modern times all body types are being celebrated and appreciated. It’s refreshing seeing all women in different shapes and sizes taking advantage of this trend. It seems to be a showstopper in 2023, the eluding confidence low rise not only makes women feel but it’s clearly received from everyone else.

I Can See Through You

Sheer and lace have always been a staple in every woman’s wardrobe but in 2023 it seems to be what everyone wants in corporate attire whether it’s going out with the girls, on a romantic date or just enjoying the summer seasons. This staple stands out for all the right reasons, where women’s bodies are now celebrated. It shows enough and not too much for those who dont deserve it. It has endless outfit styling opportunities, for an everyday look pair with a pair of jeans, work attire? Pair it with a long classy skirt and flats, what about a date? Pair it with a mini skirt, long socks and kitten heels and you’re the best dressed in the room.


Do you know what the best thing about kitten heels is that you can wear them to every function. Wedding and want to dance all night? Working for 8 hours? Going out with friends? The answer is almost always kitten heels every time. They elevate your look while coming with beautiful detailing that you can’t always get with high stilettos. Don’t let the small heel fool you, these staples stand out and look absolutely fabulous elevating the simplest of outfits. They can be styled with everything from jeans, mini skirts to long flowing dresses.