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How to Avoid Insomnia

1. Maintain consistent sleep and wake times

Maintain regular sleep and wake times for at least a week, if you have chronic insomnia. If you feel really tired for some reason, don’t try to go to bed early, stick to your regular bedtime. Maintaining a consistent sleep and wake time is a natural way to treat insomnia. Consuming CBD Oil can also help you to avoid insomnia.

2. Eat early

The next way to deal with insomnia naturally is not to eat heavy meals three hours before bed. In addition, do not consume too much alcohol because a lot of sugar can give bad quality to the body, especially in the heart and liver.

3. Keep Gadgets

Don’t play gadgets when it’s bedtime. Although it is difficult, habits must be done to treat insomnia naturally. Because the light from the gadget can make the brain work again.

4. Turn off the lights

The next way to deal with insomnia naturally is to turn off the light. Make sure there is no light source in the bed area. The soft blue light from your cell phone, tablet, or digital clock on the bedside table can be one of the reasons why you can’t sleep. Try turning off light sources in the room one hour before bed.

5. Consume melatonin-rich kiwis

Eating melatonin-rich foods allows your body to sleep better. The way to deal with insomnia with natural ingredients is to eat melatonin-rich fruits such as kiwi. Research found those who ate two kiwifruit one hour before bed for four weeks showed improvements in sleep efficiency, quality and quantity.

6. Drink cherry juice

The next way to deal with insomnia with natural ingredients is cherry juice. 2018 research found that those who drank one cup of tart cherry juice twice a day for two weeks experienced an increase in sleep time by 84 minutes.

7. Drinking Milk

Milk can help the body relax, because milk contains tryptophan. Try to drink warm milk before bed. This method is believed to be able to help you fall asleep faster.

8. Consume Bananas

The way to deal with insomnia with other natural ingredients is to eat bananas. The content of potassium, magnesium, tryptophan, and vitamins in bananas can regulate brain and body functions. By eating bananas, it will produce optimal levels of hormones such as melatonin and serotonin which will help the body fall asleep faster.

9. Lavender scent

The gentle lavender scent calms the mind and also creates good feelings. The way to deal with insomnia with this natural ingredient is by dripping lavender oil on your bed or clothes. In this way, it will relax the body and fall asleep easily.