Scientific Reasons Why People Passionate Dinosaurs So Much

Although it has been gone for centuries, the existence of dinosaurs does not seem to be completely extinct. Because dinosaur bodies are still immortalized in the form of accessories today. It is evident from the existence of dinosaur necklaces circulating in famous online shops such as

Well, people’s interest in dinosaurs turns out to have a scientific reason, you know. Here are some of them:

People Have A Strong Sense Of Attraction To Something

People’s fondness for these creatures is related to a natural psychological phenomenon, known as “very intense or intense interest”. According to the researchers, one-third of the people they studied had “very intense or strong interests”.

People Like Scary Things

Even though they look scary, dinosaurs are strangely perfect for their imaginations. Starting from sharp teeth, large claws, scaly bodies, and limbs that are stocky and strong. People are even more curious about these creatures …