Did you know that the quality of your health can be determined by the quality of your skin? Flawless facial skin does not only make an individual look refreshingly young, but it also shows that such a person is in great health condition. The health of the facial skin is particularly important because your face is one of the parts of your body that is constantly exposed to the eyes of others, and it is an important part of the features that they will use to form their opinions about your person.

The competition between organic and synthetic cosmetics and skincare products have been ongoing for a long time, with organic cosmetic brands insisting that natural and organically constituted products are the best for healthy skin. We cannot, however, deny the fact that there are some innovative inorganic products that have broken the mold to give results that are, indeed, long-lasting. Both sides of the divide, however, agree on some basics like drinking enough water, washing your face at night, and sleeping well. Also, ensuring that your makeup brushes are clean, and ensuring that you use the right product for your skin type are also tips to help you keep your facial skin healthy. To find quality cosmetics, you need to:

  • Consult with your dermatologist to determine your skin type. This is the foundation upon which any skincare or facial care routine will be based. There are even companies like SkinCareRX and other cosmetics manufacturers that information through their blogs so that customers can make informed decisions.
  • Having determined if your facial skin requires anti-wrinkles, hydrating, anti-aging, moisturizing, or any combination of the above products, you can then decide if you want to tow the part of organic skincare or synthetic/chemical. Organic skin care products make use of natural extracts from plants and fruits, and try a much as possible to retain the products in their natural forms. Synthetic/chemical products might include man-made, developed in the laboratory and aimed at addressing particular challenges, but they also have the advantage of being able to strictly refine out allergens and irritants. The choice is yours.
  • Once you have made your decision about the type of skincare products you want, then research online to figure out which product brand best suits your skin and needs. You should also consider the effects of weather on your skincare regimen. Sunscreen should not be taken for granted, especially during winter or tropical regions. Read reviews, and look out for those people that seem to share your skin type, color, and even race, and when possible, ask them questions even there on the forum.
  • When you do decide on a product line, you might still want to consult with your dermatologist. It is important that you do not mix up different brands of the same product, like a serum or a moisturizer, for instance, else you won’t be able to determine which one exactly works for you.
  • Give it time. Most products take about two weeks and above to start noticing any change, but if you impatiently jump from product to product in search of miracle or overnight skincare solutions, you might cause long-lasting damage to your skin.
  • Remember to stick to your routine. Cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate regularly for healthy skin.