The number of beaches that exist provides options for tourists to enjoy its beauty. Each beach has different characteristics and makes a trip to the beach the cheapest way to vacation. If you intend to take a trip to the beach, of course there are many exciting activities you can do. Ranging from simple things to iconic activities that are only available on certain beaches. Here are a variety of activities you can do to add excitement to the beach.


This activity is a simple thing you can do on any beach. Starting from those with fine white sand to thick black sand. You can make sand castles or form sand chips into art creations that stimulate your creativity. Only with your bare hands you can play sand all day long with your family.


On some beaches there are horse rides provided by local managers for rent to visitors. You can ride along the shoreline while enjoying the gentle beach breeze accompanied by the beautiful beach waves. You don’t have to be able to ride a horse to be able to sit in a horse saddle, there will be a guide who will accompany you to ride on the beach.


For beautiful beaches that have spectacular underwater beauty, snorkeling is one of the activities offered by the manager. You can throw yourself into the sea and enjoy the beautiful coral reefs and marine life. Not all beaches can be used as a snorkeling area, only beaches that have calm waves and beautiful coral reefs below that can be used as snorkeling spots.


If your childhood was familiar with playing kites in a large field, then you might do kite playing on the beach. On the beach there are many sellers selling kites to play with. The sea breeze on the beach makes it possible to untangle the threads and fly your simple kite. This activity is indeed fun, so don’t be surprised if you’ve spent hours playing kites on the beach.


Of course, sunbathing is an activity that does not require extra energy and is expensive. You just have to lay out a mat and bask in the hot sun. Usually you can find people sunbathing on the beaches of Bali. With sunblock weapons and black glasses you can enjoy the beach atmosphere comfortably. In this simple way you can get closer to nature and relax your mind.


It is certain that the reason people come to the beach is playing with water. The waves were passionate and called everyone to play water on the beach. Starting from just sinking your feet while waiting for the waves to come until finally you didn’t realize your whole body was wet by the waves. Abundant water and waves that never stop greeting are certainly one of the interesting things that tourists who come to the beach want to experience. So when you decide to take a vacation to the beach, prepare a change of clothes.

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